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Histone modification #
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히스톤 변형. Epigenetics 중요 기작 가운데 하나. HistonePTM (주로 histone tail) 상태가 조직 및 상태에 따라 다르고, 이에 따라 인근 유전자 발현이 일어나거나 그렇지 않게 된다.


Histone code

. H3K4 H3K9 H3K14 H3K27 H3K79 H3K36 H4K20 H2BK5
Me1 act act . act act . act act
Me2 . rep . rep act . . .
Me3 act rep . rep act/rep act . rep
Ac . act act act . . . .

Readers, Writers and Erasers

  • Readers have specific binding affinity for PTM, therefore read the epigenetic information encoded in the modified chromatin
  • Writers set up modifications in specific patterns
  • Erasers remove the PTM


  • cis: change steric or charge interaction, influencing chromatin structure
  • trans: "reader" bind to specific histone modifications giving rise to functional consequences.


  • synergic effect
  • competitive effect

Cross-talk example

  • prerequisite of ubiquitination of H2BK123 for H3K4 methylation --> gene sliencing
  • dependency of H2K4 methylation by sCOMPSS and H3K79 methylation by scDot1

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