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Programmed cell death protein 1, also known as PD1 and CD279 (cluster of differentiation 279), is a cell surface receptor that plays an important role in down-regulating the Immune system and promoting self tolerance by suppressing T cell inflammatory activity. PD-1 is an Immune checkpoint and guards against autoimmunity through a dual mechanism of promoting Apoptosis in antigen specific T-cells in lymph nodes while simultaneously reducing apoptosis in Regulatory T cells. (

면역을 억제하는 역할. 암세포 표면의 PD-L1, PD-L2와 결합하면 T cell은 암세포를 공격하지 못한다. 면역항암제는 PD-1 수용체와 결합하여 암세포의 회피 기능을 억제한다.


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