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Trans-acting T-cell-specific transcription factor (

It belongs to the GATA family of Transcription factors. It regulates luminal epithelial cell differentiation in the mammary gland. The protein contains two GATA-type zinc fingers and is an important regulator of T cell development and plays an important role in endothelial cell biology.

Breast cancer 세포에서 변이가 자주 발견됨. luminal A type과 관련있음.

It is highly coexpressed with FOXA1 and serves as negative predictor of basal subtype and ERBB2 subtype. It is also considered a strong predictor of Taxane and Platin salts insensitivity.

Insulin has been shown in experimental models to downregulate expression of GATA3 by causing overexpression of T-bet, resulting in resistance to endocrine therapy.

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