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1000 Genomes Project #
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Human genome
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The 1000 Genomes (1KG) Project, launched in , is an international research effort to establish by far the most detailed catalogue of human genetic variation. (

The following populations will be included in the study

  • Yoruba in Ibadan (YRI), Nigeria
  • Japanese in Tokyo (JPT)
  • Chinese in Beijing (CHB)
  • Utah residents with ancestry from northern and western Europe (CEU)
  • Luhya in Webuye, Kenya (LWK)
  • Maasai in Kinyawa, Kenya (MKK)
  • Toscani in Italy (TSI)
  • Peruvians in Lima, Peru (PEL)
  • Gujarati Indians in Houston (GIH)
  • Chinese in metropolitan Denver (CHD)
  • people of Mexican ancestry in Los Angeles (MXL)
  • people of African ancestry in the southwestern United States (ASW).


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