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Neoplasm #
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Neoplasm (Solid tumor, 고형종양) is an abnormal growth of tissue, and when also forming a mass is commonly referred to as a tumor or tumour. (

Abnormal growth of tissue as a result of Neoplasia.

Types #

The World Health Organization classifies neoplasms into four main groups

  1. Benign neoplasms (양성종양)
    • arias in any tissue, growth locally, cause damage by local pressure
    • do not spread to distant sites
  2. in situ neoplasms
    • usually develop in epithelium
    • morphological appearance of cancer cells
    • do not invade and destroy
  3. Malignant neoplasms (=Cancer)
    • invade into adjacent normal tissues and metastasize (Metastasis) to distant tissues
  4. Neoplasms of uncertain or unknown behavior

Divelopment #

  • Hyperplasia
    • increse in number of cells in response to stimulus (e.g Hormones)
    • a reversibel process
  • Dysplasia
    • an adnormal type of excessive cell proliferation
    • loss of normal tissue arragement and cell structure
  • Carcinoma in situ
    • an uncontrolled growth of cells that remains in the original location
    • do not invade

Classification #

  1. Benign tumors
    • are named by attaching the -oma to the name of the tissue or cell
  2. Malignant tumors
    • Carcinoma: the most common types of cancer, epithelial origin (lung, breast, colon, intestine, liver)
    • Sarcoma: mesenchymal origin (bone, fat, muscle, blood vessels, or connective tissue)
    • Lymphoma: cancer that arias in the lymph nodes and tissues of the body's immune system
    • Leukemia: from the immature blood cells that grow in the bone marrow, tend to accumulate in large numbers in the bloodstream

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