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Triple-negative breast cancer: an unmet medical need #
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Summary #

Introduction #

TNBC와 basal-like는 겹쳐진다.

Epidemiology and risk factors for TNBC #

Higher rates in

  • Younger women
  • BRCA1 expression
  • African, Hispanic ancestry


  • Luminal A --> late born metastasis
  • TNBC --> early visceral metastasis

Limitations of current treatment strategies for TNBC #

Current treatment strategy

chemotherapy TNBC는 luminal A, B 보다 높은 progression-free survival 반응율을 가진다. 그러나 짧은 disease-free survival, overal survival.

Platinum salts in TNBC #

Cisplatin + Doxorubicin shows effects.

Bivacizumab #

It's for all breast cancers.

EGFR inhibitor #

Cetuximab + Paclitacel or Doxorubicin

Other potential treatment targets in TNBC #

PARP inhibitor #


Androgen receptor treated target #

Expression 데이터로 clustering 했을 때, ER- 쪽에 속하는 ER+ 몇개가 있음. --> ER은 없지만, downstream 발현이 ER+와 유사, 그리고, AR 높음.

AR is widely expressed in breast cancer.

Addressing current unmet needs in clinical practice #

61개 이상의 TNBC 임상연구가 ClinicalTrails.gov에 보고됨

Conclusions #

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