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The Sequence Read Archive (SRA, previously known as the Short Read Archive) provides a public repository for DNA sequencing data, especially the "short reads" generated by High-throughput sequencing(NGS)

아래기관에서 각각 운영중

년경 NCBI에서 예산문제로 중지되기도 했으나, 그해말 다시 운영을 재개함.

메타데이터 모델은 아래와 같다.

  • Study: information about the sequencing study
  • Sample: information about the sequenced samples
  • Experiment: information about the libraries, platform; associated with study, sample(s) and run(s)
  • Run: contains the raw data files
  • Analysis: contains the analysis data files; associated with study, sample and run objects
  • Submission: information about the submission actions include release date

Insilicogen, Inc.에서는 Excel 형식으로 SRA metadata 정리를 제안한 바 있다.

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