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Molecular and genetic properties of tumors associated with local immune cytolytic activity #
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Cancer immunotherapy
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Non-coding RNA에 박혀있는 VirusEpitope로 작용하여 Immune system에 영향을 미쳐서 Cancer 예후와 관련된다는 논문

많은 MHC Class I-associated neoantigen들이 cytolytic activity와 관련있음. gene mutation도 관련있고, genetic amplification도 관련있음.

Summary #

Introduction #

Results #

A Metric for Immune Cytolytic Activity Based on Gene Expression in TCGA Tumors #

Cytolytic Activity Is Associated with Counter-Regulatory Immune Responses and Improved Prognosis #

Tumor Cytolytic Activity Is Associated with Oncogenic Viruses in Some Tumors #

Cytolytic Cells Are Likely to Be Targeting Tumor Neoantigens #

Ectopic Gene Expression, Endogenous Retroviruses, and Necrosis Associated with CYT #

Mutations in Specific Driver Genes Were Enriched in Tumors with Higher Cytolytic Activity #

Higher CYT Was Associated with Mutations in Genes Involved in Antigen-Presentation, Extrinsic Apoptosis, and Innate Immune Sensing #

Loci Containing Known Immune Regulators Show Copy Number Alterations Associated with CYT #

Discussion #

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