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False discovery rate #
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The False discovery rate (FDR) is one way of conceptualizing the rate of type I errors in null hypothesis testing when conducting multiple comparisons. FDR-controlling procedures are designed to control the expected proportion of rejected null hypotheses that were incorrect rejections ("false discoveries"). FDR-controlling procedures provide less stringent control of Type I errors compared to FWER controlling procedures (such as the Bonferroni correction), which control the probability of at least one Type I error. Thus, FDR-controlling procedures have greater power, at the cost of increased rates of Type I errors. (

Tips #

Excel에서 FDR 계산하기

fdr = min(row * (num_rows/rank_this_probeset), fdr_for_gene_one_row_below)
ex: = min(i54675 * 54674/rank(i54675, i$2:i$54676, 1), i54676)

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