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Bonferroni correction #
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In Statistics, the Bonferroni correction (본페로니 교정) is a method used to counteract the Multiple comparisons problem. It is named after Italian mathematician Carlo Emilio Bonferroni for its use of Bonferroni inequalities, but modern usage is often credited to Olive Jean Dunn, who described the procedure in a pair of articles written in and . (

여러개의 가설들에 대해서 최소한 하나의 Type 1 error가 발생할 가능성(Familywise error rate; FWER)을 계산해 보정. n개의 독립 가설 검정시 유의확률을 1/n로 낮추어 검정.

k는 a/m 으로 하면, Familywise error rate가 a(alpha) 보다 작음이 보장됨

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