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Bambus2 #
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AMOS 패키지내의 MetagenomicsDe novo assembly 프로그램

Bambus accepts the output from most current assemblers and provides the user with great flexibility in choosing the scaffolding parameters. In particular, Bambus is able to accept contig linking data other than specified by mate-pairs. Such sources of information include alignment to a reference genome (Bambus can directly use the output of MUMmer), physical mapping data, or information about gene synteny.

Installation (AMOS) #

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Usage #

Getting data into Bambus 2 requires you convert your assembly to AMOS format.

$ goBambus2 all.fasta bambus2_out -all -reads

위 프로그램 동작 아니함. 스크립트내부 오류 있음 --Hyungyong Kim

홈페이지 설명에 의하면 MetAMOS를 이용하라고 되어 있음.

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