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The LOD score (logarithm (base 10) of odds), developed by Newton Morton, is a statistical test often used for Linkage analysis in human, animal, and plant populations. (

두 좌위가 연관된 정도를 표시함. 양의 값은 연관되었음을, 음의 값은 그렇지 않음을 의미.

The method is described in greater detail by Strachan and Read. Briefly, it works as follows:

  1. Establish a pedigree
  2. Make a number of estimates of recombination frequency
  3. Calculate a LOD score for each estimate
  4. The estimate with the highest LOD score will be considered the best estimate
  5. The LOD score is calculated as follows:

$$ \begin{align} LOD = Z & = \log_{10} \frac{ \mbox{probability of birth sequence with a given linkage value} }{ \mbox{probability of birth sequence with no linkage} } \\ &= \log_{10} \frac{(1-\theta)^{NR} \times \theta^R}{ 0.5^{(NR + R)} } \end{align} $$

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