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PetaGene #
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Structured data


PetaGene decreases the size of genomic data, reducing storage costs and data transfer times without compromising data quallity.

압축 FASTQ, BAM에 비해 6배 더 적은 공간 사용. Bio-IT World in Boston에서 46개의 경쟁제품을 이기고, Best of Show 선정.

PetaSuite #

NGS 데이터 용량을 줄이는 일련의 소프트웨어 도구들

  • Lossless Compression: Robust, high performance FASTQ.gz and BAM compression
  • BayesCal: Reveolutionay Bayesian approach to NGS quality score refinement for FASTQ and BAM files
  • PetaView: Transparently access compresses files in their original format. Easy migration
  • BayesQual: Improves the BQSR stage of genomics pipelines smaller files, better genotyping accuracy

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