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In Genetics, the Ka/Ks ratio (or ω, dN/dS), is the ratio of the number of nonsynonymous substitutions per non-synonymous site (Ka) to the number of synonymous substitutions per synonymous site (Ks), which can be used as an indicator of selective pressure acting on a protein-coding gene. (Ka/Ks ratio)

Evolution 선택압의 지표

Cancer도 살기 힘든 체내 환경에서 진화한 것일테니 이 수치값이 의미있지 않을까? 관련 연구가 있긴 함 -- Cancer Evolution Is Associated with Pervasive Positive Selection on Globally Expressed Genes PLOS Genetics

Driver mutation을 찾을 때, 이 방법 이용.