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BED format provides a flexible way to define the data lines that are displayed in an annotation track. BED lines have three required fields and nine additional optional fields.

track name=pairedReads description="Clone Paired Reads" useScore=1
chr22 1000 5000 cloneA 960 + 1000 5000 0 2 567,488, 0,3512
chr22 2000 6000 cloneB 900 - 2000 6000 0 2 433,399, 0,3601

If your data set is BED-like, but it is very large and you would like to keep it on your own server, you should use the bigBed data format. (binary)

Specific format #

bedGraph #

Continuous-valued data in track format. WIG와 비슷하지만, 원래 상태를 보존하고 있다. (

broadPeak / narrowPeak #

ChIP-seq 결과 정규화한 영역(broadPeak) 혹은 피크(narrowPeak)